Don’t be cheap


I’m not talking about shoddy-cheap, obviously shoddy is never good, but affordable-cheap. For a small business can cut prices be a good thing, sustainably, for anyone concerned? From the point of view of a service provider just how long can you earn a sensible living doing “cheap”? Following on from my previous post about avoiding the bootstrapping clients, […]

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Nice website, shame about the tumbleweed

Pretty tumbleweed

m4s0n501 You’ve invested in a great website; it looks amazing, is user friendly and you’re justifiably proud of it. Everything works, the doors are open to receive customers/readers/visitors. So where are they? It’s a long time since just creating a website and submitting it to the search engines might have been remotely sufficient, if it […]

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Keeping an eye on the youngsters


It is so easy to keep doing what you’re doing, isn’t it? This morning I was listening to the radio and a piece about teenagers online, that many of them go to YouTube as their first port of call. Now I know this already, having a son who spends hours watching his favourite Yogscasts and […]

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Everything changes – work with it

Human – business evolution

One of the latest changes that has some business owners and social media marketers up in arms is Facebook changing the way it shows content to those who’ve liked a business page. “They’ve moved the goal posts” they cry. The result of the change is that we have to work a little harder to be […]

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Friday Rant: Enough with the Negative…


Am I the only one to get annoyed at negative blog post and article headlines? What Not To Do… Why Your …. is Failing The Ten Don’ts of … You get the idea and have seen plenty yourself, I’m sure. Such titles put me off, they annoy me, and they do not persuade me to […]

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What counts as blogging?


Someone asked me how long I’d been blogging for, and I had to first think of what would actually count as blogging before I could answer. While I would often join in with, and even start, a number of forum posts to the degree that could almost be considered blogging, I would say my first […]

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The best way to play with Twitter?

Today I was loitering in Twitterland and spotted a wonderful tweet from Buzzfeed that showed an online “chat” between several brands. They have really kindly taken screen prints and placed them all into the one post here. Take a look and then tell me if you consider the brands involved in a more friendly light? […]

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Reviewing Your Online Marketing Strategy 2 – Who wants you?


Oh, the temptation to title this “Who loves you?” just so I could add “baby” at the end – but realise most of you are too young to have any idea what that would be on about. Aren’t you? So in part 1 we had a good look and think about what we want to […]

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Reviewing Your Online Marketing Strategy 1 – What do you really want?


‘Tis time to dust off my ancient (in Internet terms) Internet marketing questionnaire from 2008. Not least because in that time we’ve leapt forward with various social media tools and devices, so they all need to be brought into the mix, if only to understand whether they are useful for us or not. Every business […]

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How many Bootstrapping Clients can you handle?


Many of us do it, or know a friend who does (much to our frustration on their behalf) – help people we know and like if we can – give a bootstrapping business a hand to get going. But when you’ve been in business for a while and have a skill that people see as […]

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