How does your site look on your mobile or tablet?

What does your website look like on a mobile phone, or on a tablet, an iPad or some other less than “normal” sized screen?

Do you know? Do you care? Well, you should, if your website or blog is expected to earn its keep.

I wrote about this some time ago over on Birds on the Blog: “Does Your Website Look Big on This?” and the situation has of course evolved in leaps and bounds. Many more of us now use phones or tablets to access the web, and your website needs to look good on these handheld devices, I suggest.

For WordPress users this can simply be a matter of upgrading to a theme that is responsive. What that means is that the design responds to the size of the device with which it is being viewed. A simple way to see what your, or any, site does is to make your browser window smaller by dragging one side in – see the video if you’re not sure what I mean:

Go ahead, see what your website does within a smaller width screen…

If you are now filled with horror at what you saw, fear not. As I mention earlier, if you use WordPress you can either upgrade to a responsive theme that will work on pretty much anything, or add a plugin, such as the still useful and popular WPTouch.

If your website is not WordPress-based, have a word with your web designer to see what they suggest. Of course I’d recommend you consider moving to WordPress, for the ease of content management, the security available and for the flexibility. But then I would ;)

It is easy to not realise how dated a site can become, this site has only just been upgraded to a responsive theme, another by StudioPress’ Genesis range, after I tested it myself last week – gulp! #cobblersshoes

If you’d like me to take a look at your website, let me know…

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