Book Review: Conversation Marketing

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Ian Lurie is someone I’ve long respected, even before his Conversation Marketing book came out back in 2006. His Conversation Marketing blog is always easy to read, and he does not waffle (well, not in a way that bothers me ).

This book is rich in content and covers the topic well within the succinct 100 pages (I like succinct!)  – simply put, this is another of those “JDI must reads” for anyone marketing online – it’s easy to digest and then to action the sound guidance offered.

Ian takes us through a  model that will make sense to most good bloggers and website owners – that “the Internet offers a unique two-way marketing medium” that can attract attention and customers, and build sales when used correctly.

Reading this book will help you to make more of your website and blog, whether based on WordPress or not – it’s a standard that we all should read in order to have a clear Internet marketing strategy – which is essential to us all if we want to make the most of the web for our businesses. And of course what are blogs but conversations of a sort – well, they can be (and I suggest some of the best are).

Do you have a favourite book that has helped you with your online strategies?